Thursday, June 20, 2013

A pleasant interlude

Two weeks have passed since the last operation and one week since the removal of the dreaded catheter. It is with great relief and enthusiasm that I can advise the reader of crystal clear urine with no peeing pain or any other visible abnormalities. Appetite is good and weight gain quite evident as I had lost a few pounds during the last hospital experience.
Now a short story.
About 20 years ago a doctor in Canada advised me to take a small white pill called Allopurinol which assists in the control of uric acid that was responsible for my occasional attacks of gout. This affliction though not serious is very very painful but not wanting to be a pill popper for the rest of my life I declined the advice and relied on aspirin (4 or 5) to reduce the swelling that occasionally manifested in the big toe of my right foot. Well, after 20 years I finally overcame my stubborn resistance and decided to try Allopurinol, the generic version of which is very cheap here in Guatemala. Lo and behold after 5 days the big toe of my right foot provided a performance equal to any previous experience with a corresponding pedastic inability. So I then had to ask John to go to the pharmacy and get some small yellow pills called Colchimedio in an effort to reduce the swelling which proved successful and I am now able meander around painlessly. Later research on the Internet revealed that possible side effects (a polite term for actual effects) include attacks of gout until the body becomes accustomed to the ingestion of Allopurinol.
To the inexperienced reader you may not understand my decision never ever to take that innocuous white pill again and for those who do I sincerely hope that the effects are not similar.

Mother Parama and Yogidog
On a lighter note the photograph is of our resident Yoga Maestra which should not be confused with the German "Jagermeister" which as any heavy drinker will know is a remedy for a serious hangover. Also the reader is urged not to draw any connection between Yogibear and the Yoga dog called 'Peanuts'.

Thanks to Mother Parama for the great photo'.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dying to live

Yesterday was an interesting trip to the urologist where the catheter was removed and I was returned to a state of peeing normality. Doctor Gilberto Barrilas together with his father actually owned the hospital in Zacapa where I had the operation one week earlier and I should mention that the whole procedure was performed gratis which would normally have cost about 10,000 Quetzales ($1,300).
Once again we discussed options as to how best to proceed and he advised that to remove the bladder was a horrendous operation and this was the reason that he suggested radiation therapy using a technique that did not destroy surrounding tissue. Also in his opinion the cancer had not metastasized (spread) outside of the bladder. Ultrasound had previously revealed abnormal bladder wall thickness but he was unsure whether this had anything to do with the containment.
The subject of this blog may sound like a flippant cliche. This is not the intention of the writer as I am sure some readers may appreciate.

Canista is about the size of a medium mango, mushy texture and very sweet.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Post operation

Arrived at the hospital in Zacapa 6th June and the urologist decided to take an ultrasound of the bladder to see if any new growth. Well he was quite surprised that nothing visible this time which raised my expectations as you can imagine. Surgery the next morning (trans urethral) revealed small nodes surrounding the area that was cauterized almost 4 months earlier.
These nodes were removed and a catheter left in place to keep the bladder dry and not distended with urine which might rupture the surgery. The catheter has to stay in place for a week.
The doctor advised that radiation was my best chance to stop the spread of the cancer as it was still localized within the bladder.
Some weight loss now but no other abnormalities detected. In the meantime Roger brought some mangosteen juice from Texas which actually cured a stage 4 cancer patient and a bottle of this nectar costs around $40.00.
I will update this blog next Saturday when the catheter is removed.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Disappointing news

The tumour started bleeding again yesterday so it looks like another hospital job and some major surgery. Perhaps alternative medicine is not the answer for bladder cancer but may be effective for other types....I don't know.
I feel good apart from the bleeding with no weight loss and good appetite so hopefully it has remained localized.
May be off-line for a few days as this problem is resolved one way or the other.
Chin up to all the other cancer patients who read this blog.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


A beautiful colour and quite delicious.


A bloody nuisance and 'chaya'

Just had some toast and marmalade for breakfast (English marmalade of course made with oranges) and a couple of cups of coffee.
Chaya (tree spinach)
Yesterday I did some work in the garden and last night I observed a couple of blood clots which have cleared up this morning. It has been more than 3 weeks since any sign of blood in the urine so I must assume this is an indication that all is not quite well yet and I must remain vigilant. This is a little disappointing but the chin is pointing upwards unlike something else which shall remain unmentionable.

Chaya or tree spinach is a vegetable that grows on a small bush and is similar to spinach in taste and texture. Should be cooked well and not eaten raw

I have enough oil left for about 4 more days and happy to say that one of the original plants is flowering again. Two of the new plants are suspect male simply because they look different from the Sinsemilla and if this is indeed the case then I will cultivate them for seeds.

Flowering again

Off to the market now for some carrots etc. and to look for a fruit called caimico. This fruit is dark purple and similar to mangosteen with a texture similar to grapes. More about this later.
Suspect macho

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pinkness and beetroot

This is quite funny because I assumed that the discoloured urine was a result of some bleeding but as soon as I stopped using beetroot in the juicing the urine cleared. Now today much less pain on urinating, no bad odour and colour appears to be normal.
There is still some minor sensitivity in the lower abdomen but I suppose this is to be expected as the plumbing department has been working overtime due to the copious amounts of water and juice ingestion. Apart from this I feel well with a good appetite and not much interest in sex, the latter being mentioned because of the enormous worldly preoccupation with this subject.
The word 'Placebo' is on my mind and I have not discounted this although I am not convinced that the medical profession truly understands this phenomena.........neither do I.....yet!
Salutations to all the readers of this blog.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Observations and update

A couple of recent observations experienced after the ingestion of black grapes and soursop tea.
About a week ago I made some soursop tea using 4 or 5 leaves which I steeped for an hour. Then I filled a syringe with the tea to use as a tincture and mixed half of the syringe with 1 litre of water which was repeated the following day.
The lake lookin' pretty
Later that evening I noticed a few blood clots in the urine which stopped overnight. 2 days ago I ate a pound of black grapes and later that day I experienced more blood clots which has since cleared up.
Of course, I have no idea whether this is a positive or a negative sign although it is a reminder that something (tumour) is still there.

Generally, I feel ok with occasional nausea and dizziness that I am told by Alex and Jos is the result of the ingestion of oil. Urine is discoloured first thing in the morning (tea coloured) but clears during the day as I drink lots of water. Also I am careful not to strain the bladder by bending over or lifting heavy weights but this could be construed as an excuse for not doing very much physical stuff (smile).
So, the show goes on and I say many thanks for the em@ils of support that I have received.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Thinking that you know what to do or what not to do when confronted with a tangible situation is the norm. When a situation arises that is not tangible then thinking what "to do or not to do" becomes more complicated simply because fear of the unknown is the normal response which completely overpowers the decision making process.
This fear is carefully introduced into our psyche and to overcome it requires an understanding of insecurity, intuition, independence and the acceptance of knowing that which cannot be known. Oh dear! always the paradox.
Anyway, to the point.
I feel great. No chemotherapy, no radiation and a general feeling of well being. Am I well? I don't know.
Tikal, Guatemala. 21-12-2012

Every day at least:
Marijuana oil (about 1 gram). Juice (carrots,spinach,lime,beetroot). No processed food, no refined sugar, no refined salt and only olive oil for cooking, sex in moderation limited by imagination and the occasional beer or single malt whisky courtesy of Jose.
Yes I do eat breakfast across the street sometimes and the eggs are probably cooked with cooking oil but I excuse these minor delinquencies as well as the ingestion of the occasional ice-cream for reasons that I cannot recall (Reagan). 

This is my experience...Now.

Soursop (Guanabano) tea, Zen garden and a book

I write juiced up, oiled up and about to drink some tea made from two leaves of the Guanabano tree. The very informative book awaits another reader.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A day on the lake at Julio's place

Sunday was a good day to visit Julio as all the guests had checked out and the place was empty.
View looking north

Of course I arrived stoned out of my mind having driven for half an hour at an average speed of about 25 miles an hour. Spent the whole day pottering around completely engrossed in the natural sounds without any music or other interruptions. Later drank a couple of beers, dinner then all night in a hammock.
View looking south

The next morning after a couple of cups of coffee I sat in a chair right at the edge of the beach and succumbed to the peace and tranquility. Drove back to the marina and later that day discovered some blood in the urine and a couple of blood clots. Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed, drank lots of water and went to bed.
This morning, Tuesday, more blood but no clots and it is now clearing after copious amounts of water and I have just taken my daily dose of the oil having previously bought a big bag of dog-food for "Peanuts". Now I feel slightly woozy so this post is almost concluded and I wish the reader a great day.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The show must go on

It may be early days for this post but in view of the many different forms in which this disease manifests itself, any significant positive results should be documented.
So, for the last week I have been feeling much better with no more symptoms of nausea, less pain urinating and a general overall feeling of getting better. In fact, I hardly feel sick at all now.
Unfortunately there is only about one more week of oil remaining and although there are 4 more plants growing (hopefully female) it will a couple of months before they mature.
In the meantime I keep well hydrated peeing frequently and monitoring the output with an enthusiasm bordering on mental illness (nothing new in that respect). Diet is simple.... rice and beans, olive oil for cooking, sea salt and unprocessed sugar. Once in a while the occasional ice-cream, ice cold beer and watered down red wine (for the reservatrol).
Hola, my name is Kailin.
I am 15 years old from
Izabal, Guatemala

I have a mission to try and accomplish now, a game perhaps that requires a good sense of humour, patience and some understanding.
Perhaps this post will encourage or at least give food for thought to all cancer patients who are considering an alternative treatment in addition to or in place of chemotherapy/radiation etc.
The show must go on.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The continuation

About a month ago I started using marijuana oil orally approximately 1 gram per day. The obvious effects of this were a feeling of being spaced out all day and all night which I did not like at all. The internal effects of the drug are unknown at this time but suffice to say that the symptoms of bladder cancer have not gone.

 The urologist recommended chemotherapy at first and later after the 2nd non-invasive surgery changed his mind and suggested radiation. As of this date I have resisted both these treatments with a clear view that a radical cystectomy (removal of the bladder) may well be the only option available if matters deteriorate.

In the drier

In the meantime, photograph shows last of the buds drying before being stored in the freezer. It is still a little green but dry enough to smoke (not me!!)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The importance of being earnest

Some information in way of an update. The marijuana oil made from sinsemilla buds is very strong to say the least and I have not taken it for the last couple of days because it made me feel completely disorientated. The feeling wasn't bad, just different.
I received a couple of bottles of colloidal silver from Richard, a buddy from Belize and have been drinking this for about a week and have no idea what effect this is having but the combination of this plus the oil seems to have cleared up a skin blemish that had persisted for about a year which I had been treating with antibiotic ointment.
No blood clots in the urine for about 10 days although some discolouration occurs usually in the morning, also no more pain from the bladder which I had experienced all day every day. So, 3 days supply of oil is remaining until the other plants mature and my intention is to continue with the treatment starting again tomorrow.
This is a psychological nightmare because of the many unknown variables which contribute to the affliction and which nobody can truly identify as the root cause of the problem whether it be a physical or a mental phenomena. With some brevity I must consider it may be a combination of both (hehehe).
Chin up all you cancer people, you could be George Bush or Tony Blair.........Thatcher, of course, is well out of the picture.
Happy days!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Making pure marijuana oil from sinsemilla buds - The process

Today I made the first batch of marijuana oil and share with you the process that I adopted based on information from Rick Simpson's web-site.

The dried product.

Dried Sinsemilla

The clippings were then put in a metal cooking pot and the washing material added.
Ready for the wash

The buds were covered with the alcohol and then stomped with a piece of wood and then the liquid was poured into another container. This process was duplicated and then the final mixture filtered.


The cooking process began using a small rice cooker with the mixture added as more room became available after evaporation.
I had no real idea when to stop cooking so as soon as the level in the cooker was reduced to about half an inch and still smelled of alcohol I turned it off and transferred what was left into a small glass jar.

To evaporate the last of the alcohol with less heat I put the glass jar on the coffee maker and these last  2 fotos shows the final product. The elastic band was a marker to observe more evaporation.

Almost Pure
Pure Marijuana Oil

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sinsemilla and Marijuana oil

As you can see the buds are getting quite big and the plant stands about 5 feet tall. Having been an avid follower of Rick Simpson for about a year now this will be my first attempt to make marijuana oil with a view to assist the treatment of cancer.
I recently found access to 100 percent alcohol and this will be the medium to wash the buds then heat the solution to evaporate the alcohol  leaving just the oil.
After the operation in Zacapa my urine is still clear and I am still juicing about a liter per day of Carrots and beets. Also this week I will make a tincture from Soursop (Guanabano) leaves and drink the tea on a daily basis.
Next step is a detailed tomography of the lower abdomen to see if the cancer has invaded the bladder wall as well as the overall area of contamination with a view to eventually radiate the area.
Have a great day and keep the bedbugs away.

Monday, February 18, 2013

A trip to the hospital in Zacapa

Just about to start
An update. The ultrasound I had a few days ago did not show any irregularities however the bleeding did not stop after taking medication so the doctor decided to cauterize. I checked into the hospital Friday morning and the urologist operated Friday afternoon. The camera, as I watched, revealed more growth in the same place and a small pinprick which was bleeding so he cut off the whole growth as well as about half a centimeter into the bladder and then cauterized the whole wound.
The operation lasted about one and a half hours and was successful. The doctor strongly recommends radiation therapy because the area of concern is only about 1" in diameter and they have the sophisticated equipment in Guatemala City to do this without affecting other internal organs. In other words the radiation is concentrated and affects only that small diameter circle. At this point I believe it would be foolish of me to reject this option which I hope to combine with the ingestion of large quantities of marijuana oil. As a matter of interest I seem to have accidentally grown some sinsemilla and intend to make some oil from this as a test project. Later I hope to dry the pulp from the mangosteen fruit and put this into pill form. More updates later.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A visit to the urologist

Visited the doctor yesterday to find out why there was still blood and blood clots in the urine. He advised me that because I had been taking large doses of aspirin to treat gout the aspirin had probably irritated the wall of the bladder. Now I have the proper medicine to cure the gout  plus anti-hemorrhaging pills, antibiotics and 3 injections of vitamin K. The doctor advised that this may not stop the bleeding and that he may have to cauterize.
Scan reveals no abnormal growth in the bladder.
Juicing as usual.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The dreaded gout

Not such a good day yesterday. As well as the usual juice routine I ate a pound of red grapes and then juiced another pound. This resulted in lots of blood in the urine including clotting. To add to this, the big toe of my left foot was swollen with gout which I had been treating with aspirin. The aspirin, of course, thins the blood so this may also have contributed to the effects of the grape juice.
This morning I juiced only carrots with Swiss chard and 1 lemon and now have my feet up drinking lots of water.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cordon bleu

Shawn visited yesterday. He is a cordon bleu cook so we all had a great vegetarian 3 course dinner last night. This was a great supplement for the juicing schedule to which I included egg plant and ginger. All is well, urine still reddish and trust this has something to do with detoxification. Touch of gout in the left toe and must assume that constant change is the culprit for this.
Also received some homemade oatmeal cookies from Jack and Barbara in Belize and trying not to eat too many at once.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Urine is now very reddish with some blood clots but almost odourless. I mention this because before the operation to remove the tumours the urine had a very bad smell. I am monitoring this carefully and continue to pee in a glass jar.
As usual juiced twice today with carrots as a base and adding other different vegetables. Recieved an em@il that suggested aspirin might also be beneficial so I took an aspirin today and will continue to take one a day.
Fried rice for lunch cooked with olive and sesame was delicious.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Neem tea et al

Made a pot of neem tea and will sip on it throughout the day. Breakfast the same as yesterday and later today juicing broccoli. All is well, hungry most of the time but no noticible weight loss. Will check ph level after about a month to see whether alkaline level has increased.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Great breakfast

Two pounds of carrots, 1 cucumber, 1 packet of spinach and 3 limes. Urine clearing again after the last dose of soursop, feeling good. Bought some cane sugar yesterday so had a cup of coffee this morning. Also, we now have an oven so I may start to do some baking soon using integral flour, chaya and hemp seeds.
All is far.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Dried fruit

Today as usual juiced about 2 litres comprising carrots, spinach plus broccoli and cucumber. Also had the opportunity to eat some sun-dried pineapple which came from Belize and was made by a friend of mine called Jack Nightingale. He has a small operation called Fruit-full and makes limited quantities of dried fruit which includes bananas, mangos and pineapples.
Dinner of fried (olive & sesame oil) rice with olives, carrots, string beans, spinach and lots of garlic plus homemade mango chutney courtesy of Barbara from Belize.
Urine is clearing again after the soursop and I have decided to reduce the quantity of leaves per cup to one and make this tea weekly as per the recommended chemotherapy treatment which is also weekly for a period of 8 weeks.
Uncharted territory so to speak but necessary to document exactly what I do in case others wish to follow a similar method.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spinach and Swiss chard

Today I added spinach and Swiss chard to the carrots. The juicer struggled with the Swiss chard. Also I drank 2 glasses of Soursop tea made from the leaves. It seems this is a very strong medicine and did cause some blood and blood clots in the urine about an hour after I drank it. As I have no tumours now I am going to assume that the soursop is indeed doing the job of chemotherapy. It has been reported to be thousands of times more powerful than conventional chemotherapy so I must be careful not to drink a too powerful concoction. At this time I use 3 leaves steeped in boiling water until it cools down. Tomorrow I will try with just one leaf and see how it goes.

Juicing Day 1

So, today I started juicing with carrots, beets, cucumber and cilantro plus a lime. Tasted really good and I have drunk just over a litre. No other intake except fresh water and one glass of tea made from the leaves of the soursop tree.
Urine is now slightly cloudy and a little bit red and I assume this is from the beets. Integral pasta to eat tonight with fresh tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and basil. More tomorrow…………………………..

As I am..................Now

The cancer became evident about 3 years ago when I discovered blood in the urine. I ignored this at first, not from fear of what it might be, but only because of the fact that I don’t like going to the doctor. Well, the sickness became steadily worse over a period of 3 months until the then unknown tumour had blocked the urethra and I couldn’t take a pee. Briefly, Jose and Otto took me to the emergency entrance of a hospital in Guatemala City where I spent a month undergoing tests before laser surgery to remove the tumour.
Last month, lo and behold, more blood in the urine. This time however I was recommended a urologist close by and within the space of 2 weeks I had another laser surgery at a private hospital to remove 3 smaller tumours and after a biopsy, was diagnosed with moderately invasive bladder cancer. It is now just over a month since the operation and the urologist has advised me of the options available to me as either a cure or to prolong life.
1. The cure…………………Cystectomy…..removal of the bladder
2. No cure…………………..Radiation……to prolong life.
3. No cure…………………..Chemotherapy….to prolong life
After much research and consideration I have decided to use an alternative method which primarily involves diet in an effort to boost my own immune system to return cancer cells to healthy cells. A masticating juicer should arrive tomorrow which will help me accomplish this and I intend to blog regularly to keep all of the interested readers updated.