Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dying to live

Yesterday was an interesting trip to the urologist where the catheter was removed and I was returned to a state of peeing normality. Doctor Gilberto Barrilas together with his father actually owned the hospital in Zacapa where I had the operation one week earlier and I should mention that the whole procedure was performed gratis which would normally have cost about 10,000 Quetzales ($1,300).
Once again we discussed options as to how best to proceed and he advised that to remove the bladder was a horrendous operation and this was the reason that he suggested radiation therapy using a technique that did not destroy surrounding tissue. Also in his opinion the cancer had not metastasized (spread) outside of the bladder. Ultrasound had previously revealed abnormal bladder wall thickness but he was unsure whether this had anything to do with the containment.
The subject of this blog may sound like a flippant cliche. This is not the intention of the writer as I am sure some readers may appreciate.

Canista is about the size of a medium mango, mushy texture and very sweet.

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