Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A day on the lake at Julio's place

Sunday was a good day to visit Julio as all the guests had checked out and the place was empty.
View looking north

Of course I arrived stoned out of my mind having driven for half an hour at an average speed of about 25 miles an hour. Spent the whole day pottering around completely engrossed in the natural sounds without any music or other interruptions. Later drank a couple of beers, dinner then all night in a hammock.
View looking south

The next morning after a couple of cups of coffee I sat in a chair right at the edge of the beach and succumbed to the peace and tranquility. Drove back to the marina and later that day discovered some blood in the urine and a couple of blood clots. Needless to say I was somewhat disappointed, drank lots of water and went to bed.
This morning, Tuesday, more blood but no clots and it is now clearing after copious amounts of water and I have just taken my daily dose of the oil having previously bought a big bag of dog-food for "Peanuts". Now I feel slightly woozy so this post is almost concluded and I wish the reader a great day.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The show must go on

It may be early days for this post but in view of the many different forms in which this disease manifests itself, any significant positive results should be documented.
So, for the last week I have been feeling much better with no more symptoms of nausea, less pain urinating and a general overall feeling of getting better. In fact, I hardly feel sick at all now.
Unfortunately there is only about one more week of oil remaining and although there are 4 more plants growing (hopefully female) it will a couple of months before they mature.
In the meantime I keep well hydrated peeing frequently and monitoring the output with an enthusiasm bordering on mental illness (nothing new in that respect). Diet is simple.... rice and beans, olive oil for cooking, sea salt and unprocessed sugar. Once in a while the occasional ice-cream, ice cold beer and watered down red wine (for the reservatrol).
Hola, my name is Kailin.
I am 15 years old from
Izabal, Guatemala

I have a mission to try and accomplish now, a game perhaps that requires a good sense of humour, patience and some understanding.
Perhaps this post will encourage or at least give food for thought to all cancer patients who are considering an alternative treatment in addition to or in place of chemotherapy/radiation etc.
The show must go on.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The continuation

About a month ago I started using marijuana oil orally approximately 1 gram per day. The obvious effects of this were a feeling of being spaced out all day and all night which I did not like at all. The internal effects of the drug are unknown at this time but suffice to say that the symptoms of bladder cancer have not gone.

 The urologist recommended chemotherapy at first and later after the 2nd non-invasive surgery changed his mind and suggested radiation. As of this date I have resisted both these treatments with a clear view that a radical cystectomy (removal of the bladder) may well be the only option available if matters deteriorate.

In the drier

In the meantime, photograph shows last of the buds drying before being stored in the freezer. It is still a little green but dry enough to smoke (not me!!)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The importance of being earnest

Some information in way of an update. The marijuana oil made from sinsemilla buds is very strong to say the least and I have not taken it for the last couple of days because it made me feel completely disorientated. The feeling wasn't bad, just different.
I received a couple of bottles of colloidal silver from Richard, a buddy from Belize and have been drinking this for about a week and have no idea what effect this is having but the combination of this plus the oil seems to have cleared up a skin blemish that had persisted for about a year which I had been treating with antibiotic ointment.
No blood clots in the urine for about 10 days although some discolouration occurs usually in the morning, also no more pain from the bladder which I had experienced all day every day. So, 3 days supply of oil is remaining until the other plants mature and my intention is to continue with the treatment starting again tomorrow.
This is a psychological nightmare because of the many unknown variables which contribute to the affliction and which nobody can truly identify as the root cause of the problem whether it be a physical or a mental phenomena. With some brevity I must consider it may be a combination of both (hehehe).
Chin up all you cancer people, you could be George Bush or Tony Blair.........Thatcher, of course, is well out of the picture.
Happy days!!