Saturday, April 27, 2013

The show must go on

It may be early days for this post but in view of the many different forms in which this disease manifests itself, any significant positive results should be documented.
So, for the last week I have been feeling much better with no more symptoms of nausea, less pain urinating and a general overall feeling of getting better. In fact, I hardly feel sick at all now.
Unfortunately there is only about one more week of oil remaining and although there are 4 more plants growing (hopefully female) it will a couple of months before they mature.
In the meantime I keep well hydrated peeing frequently and monitoring the output with an enthusiasm bordering on mental illness (nothing new in that respect). Diet is simple.... rice and beans, olive oil for cooking, sea salt and unprocessed sugar. Once in a while the occasional ice-cream, ice cold beer and watered down red wine (for the reservatrol).
Hola, my name is Kailin.
I am 15 years old from
Izabal, Guatemala

I have a mission to try and accomplish now, a game perhaps that requires a good sense of humour, patience and some understanding.
Perhaps this post will encourage or at least give food for thought to all cancer patients who are considering an alternative treatment in addition to or in place of chemotherapy/radiation etc.
The show must go on.


  1. Just wondering... how are you doing? All the best! Yd

    1. I apologise for taking so long to reply. Just out of a 2 month hospital visit and am pleased to let u know that I am 100% clear. The operation took 7 hours. Removed bladder, prostate, appendix, lymph nodes and made new bladder using intestine which was connected to the urethra via the appendix. I still have a catheter but this should be removed soon as the new bladder strengthens and knows what do do. If u have other questions my email is ''. Have a great day!


Thank you so much for your comment. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.