Sunday, March 9, 2014

Well well well

It's been awhile since I blogged and much has transpired.
Unfortunately the marijuana oil did not help with the bladder cancer but I had to try this remedy first based on much internet research. Perhaps it might have been more successful had I tried to grow a plant with higher CDB content rather than high THC. The former, now famously called 'Charlotte's Web' has been very helpful in the State of Colorado with cases of child epilepsy.

So, I finally went to a hospital in Guatemala City called San Juan de Dios around September last year and a group of 4 urologists performed an operation that lasted 7 hours in which they removed the bladder, lymph nodes, appendix, prostate and Seminole glands. Then they made a new bladder from part of my intestine and connected that to the urethra with the removed appendix.

I left the hospital at the end of November with a catheter still inserted because I was unable to control urine flow (leaking) due to overall weakness, my weight was down to 125 lbs from the 160lbs norm. The doctors advised that this form of aggressive cancer as very debilitating and that I would require about 3 months recuperation outside the hospital.
Last month (Feb) my weight was up to 140 lbs and I felt confident that I could now have the catheter removed and went to a local urologist to have that done. It is now almost mid March and I feel very healthy and living a normal lifestyle.