Thursday, January 31, 2013

Spinach and Swiss chard

Today I added spinach and Swiss chard to the carrots. The juicer struggled with the Swiss chard. Also I drank 2 glasses of Soursop tea made from the leaves. It seems this is a very strong medicine and did cause some blood and blood clots in the urine about an hour after I drank it. As I have no tumours now I am going to assume that the soursop is indeed doing the job of chemotherapy. It has been reported to be thousands of times more powerful than conventional chemotherapy so I must be careful not to drink a too powerful concoction. At this time I use 3 leaves steeped in boiling water until it cools down. Tomorrow I will try with just one leaf and see how it goes.

Juicing Day 1

So, today I started juicing with carrots, beets, cucumber and cilantro plus a lime. Tasted really good and I have drunk just over a litre. No other intake except fresh water and one glass of tea made from the leaves of the soursop tree.
Urine is now slightly cloudy and a little bit red and I assume this is from the beets. Integral pasta to eat tonight with fresh tomato sauce, garlic, oregano and basil. More tomorrow…………………………..

As I am..................Now

The cancer became evident about 3 years ago when I discovered blood in the urine. I ignored this at first, not from fear of what it might be, but only because of the fact that I don’t like going to the doctor. Well, the sickness became steadily worse over a period of 3 months until the then unknown tumour had blocked the urethra and I couldn’t take a pee. Briefly, Jose and Otto took me to the emergency entrance of a hospital in Guatemala City where I spent a month undergoing tests before laser surgery to remove the tumour.
Last month, lo and behold, more blood in the urine. This time however I was recommended a urologist close by and within the space of 2 weeks I had another laser surgery at a private hospital to remove 3 smaller tumours and after a biopsy, was diagnosed with moderately invasive bladder cancer. It is now just over a month since the operation and the urologist has advised me of the options available to me as either a cure or to prolong life.
1. The cure…………………Cystectomy…..removal of the bladder
2. No cure…………………..Radiation……to prolong life.
3. No cure…………………..Chemotherapy….to prolong life
After much research and consideration I have decided to use an alternative method which primarily involves diet in an effort to boost my own immune system to return cancer cells to healthy cells. A masticating juicer should arrive tomorrow which will help me accomplish this and I intend to blog regularly to keep all of the interested readers updated.