Saturday, June 8, 2013

Post operation

Arrived at the hospital in Zacapa 6th June and the urologist decided to take an ultrasound of the bladder to see if any new growth. Well he was quite surprised that nothing visible this time which raised my expectations as you can imagine. Surgery the next morning (trans urethral) revealed small nodes surrounding the area that was cauterized almost 4 months earlier.
These nodes were removed and a catheter left in place to keep the bladder dry and not distended with urine which might rupture the surgery. The catheter has to stay in place for a week.
The doctor advised that radiation was my best chance to stop the spread of the cancer as it was still localized within the bladder.
Some weight loss now but no other abnormalities detected. In the meantime Roger brought some mangosteen juice from Texas which actually cured a stage 4 cancer patient and a bottle of this nectar costs around $40.00.
I will update this blog next Saturday when the catheter is removed.

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