Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pinkness and beetroot

This is quite funny because I assumed that the discoloured urine was a result of some bleeding but as soon as I stopped using beetroot in the juicing the urine cleared. Now today much less pain on urinating, no bad odour and colour appears to be normal.
There is still some minor sensitivity in the lower abdomen but I suppose this is to be expected as the plumbing department has been working overtime due to the copious amounts of water and juice ingestion. Apart from this I feel well with a good appetite and not much interest in sex, the latter being mentioned because of the enormous worldly preoccupation with this subject.
The word 'Placebo' is on my mind and I have not discounted this although I am not convinced that the medical profession truly understands this phenomena.........neither do I.....yet!
Salutations to all the readers of this blog.

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