Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Observations and update

A couple of recent observations experienced after the ingestion of black grapes and soursop tea.
About a week ago I made some soursop tea using 4 or 5 leaves which I steeped for an hour. Then I filled a syringe with the tea to use as a tincture and mixed half of the syringe with 1 litre of water which was repeated the following day.
The lake lookin' pretty
Later that evening I noticed a few blood clots in the urine which stopped overnight. 2 days ago I ate a pound of black grapes and later that day I experienced more blood clots which has since cleared up.
Of course, I have no idea whether this is a positive or a negative sign although it is a reminder that something (tumour) is still there.

Generally, I feel ok with occasional nausea and dizziness that I am told by Alex and Jos is the result of the ingestion of oil. Urine is discoloured first thing in the morning (tea coloured) but clears during the day as I drink lots of water. Also I am careful not to strain the bladder by bending over or lifting heavy weights but this could be construed as an excuse for not doing very much physical stuff (smile).
So, the show goes on and I say many thanks for the em@ils of support that I have received.

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  1. Hi good friend, may I suggest that you incorporate some cbd such as a tincture from Dixie Botanicals and to make sure your oil was properly made. Combining a properly made hemp oil (approx 90+ % thc) and a cbd tincture with 3+% cbd per each 15 drops will do amazing things to cancer. Also research a Ketogenic Diet as these 3 things combined exhibits an amazing synergy against cancer.


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