Saturday, May 25, 2013

A bloody nuisance and 'chaya'

Just had some toast and marmalade for breakfast (English marmalade of course made with oranges) and a couple of cups of coffee.
Chaya (tree spinach)
Yesterday I did some work in the garden and last night I observed a couple of blood clots which have cleared up this morning. It has been more than 3 weeks since any sign of blood in the urine so I must assume this is an indication that all is not quite well yet and I must remain vigilant. This is a little disappointing but the chin is pointing upwards unlike something else which shall remain unmentionable.

Chaya or tree spinach is a vegetable that grows on a small bush and is similar to spinach in taste and texture. Should be cooked well and not eaten raw

I have enough oil left for about 4 more days and happy to say that one of the original plants is flowering again. Two of the new plants are suspect male simply because they look different from the Sinsemilla and if this is indeed the case then I will cultivate them for seeds.

Flowering again

Off to the market now for some carrots etc. and to look for a fruit called caimico. This fruit is dark purple and similar to mangosteen with a texture similar to grapes. More about this later.
Suspect macho

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