Saturday, May 4, 2013


Thinking that you know what to do or what not to do when confronted with a tangible situation is the norm. When a situation arises that is not tangible then thinking what "to do or not to do" becomes more complicated simply because fear of the unknown is the normal response which completely overpowers the decision making process.
This fear is carefully introduced into our psyche and to overcome it requires an understanding of insecurity, intuition, independence and the acceptance of knowing that which cannot be known. Oh dear! always the paradox.
Anyway, to the point.
I feel great. No chemotherapy, no radiation and a general feeling of well being. Am I well? I don't know.
Tikal, Guatemala. 21-12-2012

Every day at least:
Marijuana oil (about 1 gram). Juice (carrots,spinach,lime,beetroot). No processed food, no refined sugar, no refined salt and only olive oil for cooking, sex in moderation limited by imagination and the occasional beer or single malt whisky courtesy of Jose.
Yes I do eat breakfast across the street sometimes and the eggs are probably cooked with cooking oil but I excuse these minor delinquencies as well as the ingestion of the occasional ice-cream for reasons that I cannot recall (Reagan). 

This is my experience...Now.


  1. Frankincense oil. 3 drops 5 times day. behind lower lip or put in morning coffee and daily water 3 drops at a time spaed out over your day. at night before bed rub some on toes and heels. this cured my sister of bladder cancer. she did the hemo and radation route and it only made her sicker. Gook Luck

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with this!

  3. Please continue you blog. I personally know someone using RSO to fight bladder cancer. He also modified his diet, and does not like the "high" effect of the oil either. How old are you?

  4. I am not familiar with RSO, what is that? 66 years old.


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