Monday, February 18, 2013

A trip to the hospital in Zacapa

Just about to start
An update. The ultrasound I had a few days ago did not show any irregularities however the bleeding did not stop after taking medication so the doctor decided to cauterize. I checked into the hospital Friday morning and the urologist operated Friday afternoon. The camera, as I watched, revealed more growth in the same place and a small pinprick which was bleeding so he cut off the whole growth as well as about half a centimeter into the bladder and then cauterized the whole wound.
The operation lasted about one and a half hours and was successful. The doctor strongly recommends radiation therapy because the area of concern is only about 1" in diameter and they have the sophisticated equipment in Guatemala City to do this without affecting other internal organs. In other words the radiation is concentrated and affects only that small diameter circle. At this point I believe it would be foolish of me to reject this option which I hope to combine with the ingestion of large quantities of marijuana oil. As a matter of interest I seem to have accidentally grown some sinsemilla and intend to make some oil from this as a test project. Later I hope to dry the pulp from the mangosteen fruit and put this into pill form. More updates later.

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