Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sinsemilla and Marijuana oil

As you can see the buds are getting quite big and the plant stands about 5 feet tall. Having been an avid follower of Rick Simpson for about a year now this will be my first attempt to make marijuana oil with a view to assist the treatment of cancer.
I recently found access to 100 percent alcohol and this will be the medium to wash the buds then heat the solution to evaporate the alcohol  leaving just the oil.
After the operation in Zacapa my urine is still clear and I am still juicing about a liter per day of Carrots and beets. Also this week I will make a tincture from Soursop (Guanabano) leaves and drink the tea on a daily basis.
Next step is a detailed tomography of the lower abdomen to see if the cancer has invaded the bladder wall as well as the overall area of contamination with a view to eventually radiate the area.
Have a great day and keep the bedbugs away.

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