Saturday, March 23, 2013

Making pure marijuana oil from sinsemilla buds - The process

Today I made the first batch of marijuana oil and share with you the process that I adopted based on information from Rick Simpson's web-site.

The dried product.

Dried Sinsemilla

The clippings were then put in a metal cooking pot and the washing material added.
Ready for the wash

The buds were covered with the alcohol and then stomped with a piece of wood and then the liquid was poured into another container. This process was duplicated and then the final mixture filtered.


The cooking process began using a small rice cooker with the mixture added as more room became available after evaporation.
I had no real idea when to stop cooking so as soon as the level in the cooker was reduced to about half an inch and still smelled of alcohol I turned it off and transferred what was left into a small glass jar.

To evaporate the last of the alcohol with less heat I put the glass jar on the coffee maker and these last  2 fotos shows the final product. The elastic band was a marker to observe more evaporation.

Almost Pure
Pure Marijuana Oil

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